LogiSon Solution

With our length and breadth of experience in this field, we know that flexibility is the key to a successful sound masking implementation. That’s because it isn't enough to introduce just any sound into your space. It has to be the right sound, in the right place, at the right time. The LogiSon sound masking system provides this superior level of acoustic control and puts it at your fingertips.


Smart engineering makes the LogiSon sound masking system the right solution for any project. Its networked-decentralized architecture – often simply referred to as networked – is easily scaled to accommodate installations of all sizes, from a single office to a multi-building campus.

The smallest zones (1 to 3 loudspeakers), as well as the finest volume and equalization controls, ensure a custom fit for your space (0.5 dBA steps; 1/3-octave). In fact, we set the bar for volume consistency in our industry at ±0.5 dBA, ensuring the masking sound is both effective and unobtrusive.

A sophisticated timer and calendar-based exception dates schedule the sound masking volume to match expected activity levels throughout the day, week or month, as well as on holidays. Programmable keypads and remotes give users on-demand control of the sound masking and paging in private offices and meeting rooms, while ensuring they only have the access level you want to provide.


The LogiSon sound masking system also has sophisticated paging and music capabilities, eliminating the need for a separate system to be installed. Simply connect a source, such as your telephone system or an MP3 player, to the Network Control Panel. Zoning is digital, not hardwired, so that you can page whenever and wherever required.

If required, the LogiSon sound masking system’s ability to protect the privacy of verbal communications can be augmented by connecting the hubs to transducers, which transfer the masking sound to windows, doors, ducts and other physical structures, impeding audio surveillance.


The LogiSon sound masking system is secured using both physical and electronic methods. Performance is monitored 24/7. If an issue occurs, the system provides a warning signal and/or sends an email to specified recipients.

Easy to manage

The LogiSon sound masking system offers both hardware- and software-based control. You can manage the settings and zoning for a loudspeaker, a group of loudspeakers, or an entire campus from the Network Control Panel or your computer using the Acoustic Network Manager Software.

Changes can be made in minutes following renovations, moving furniture or personnel. The ease of future reconfiguration and low energy needs reduce lifecycle costs while ensuring peak performance at all times.

Proven performance

The LogiSon sound masking system has been installed in many hundreds of millions of square feet for clients in a wide variety of applications, including offices, call centers, hospitals, hotels, banks, and more.

Expert support

We also provide a complete range of professional services and highly responsive technical support. Contact us to learn more about sound masking today!